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So what is a CLEC?

A CLEC is a telephone company regulated by the same rules and regulations as the local operating company presently serving the community. It is a Competitive Local Exchange Carrier in competition with the ILEC or Incumbent Local Exchange Carrier (usually the Regional Bell Operating Company (RBOC) or other Independent Telephone Company such as GTE, ALLTEL etc ). The CLEC offers the same type of services to its customers as previously provided by the ILEC.

What is the process of becoming a CLEC ?

The process is a long and complex procedure requiring the services of a Regulatory Attorney or Consultant. The first item required is to file for a CLEC license from the State Public Utilities Commission within your operational area. The PUC will require a list of service costs or Tariff Charges for each service you will provide. The easiest way to do this is to offer services at a set discount from the published ILEC list of tariff charges.

Then What?

The next step after you obtain your CLEC authorization is to file an interconnection agreement with the local ILEC. This allows the CLEC to connect to customers via ILEC facilities, often called UNEs or Unbundled Network Elements. Copies of some completed Interconnection Agreements are usually available from the ILEC to use as a guideline for your filing. These are public documents.

How does this all come together?

After many months of planning, negotiations with the ILEC (Incumbent Local Exchange Carrier), testing of equipment and sometimes luck, the result is a new phone company. This new company acts as an equal to the existing phone companies and it is able to obtain products and services from companies like Sprint, Verizon, and Worldcom at wholesale prices.

Where is GCR in the whole process?

GCR went before the SCC on February 23, 2000, and was granted CLEC approval.  Since then, GCR Telecommunications has completed interconnection agreements with Sprint and Verizon and has established connectivity to ILEC switches in South Boston, Danville and Lynchburg.  Soon, GCR will be looking to deploy DSL in the South Boston and Danville areas. GCR has also constructed its own high speed fiber optic network from its facility to Sprint's central office in South Boston. An OC-3 is the current connection between the two facilities and there are unused strands of fiber for future expansion. 

For more information regarding GCR Telecommunications, 

contact Glenn Ratliff at (434)-572-1765 or 800-239-8670 email: gcr@gcrcompany.com